Spring Starter Kit– Clay Soil

Title: With Bow and Arrow
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This Kit is the combination were lawn dreams are made a reality 

It consists of 

10kg Pro turf Granular Fertiliser

1Ltr  Propel

1Ltr Wsf seaweed 

1Ltr Gypflo

Bow and arrow weed spray as an option for  an extra $50

Proturf is literally lawn rocket fuel for your grass and is the most reliable and effective lawn fertiliser in the world. 

Proturf will enhance lawn colour and kickstart a tired or damage lawn within a matter of 3-4 days.

Proturf rate is 2-4kg per 100m2. 

It is best applied through an hand spreader and needs to be watered into the soil to start the process of feeding your lawn.

It will last 10 weeks. 

I use this on all of my clients lawns and every picture shown on my instagram once started with Proturf.

Propel, Gyp flo and Wsf seaweed is your monthly wetting agent blend that conditions your soil to hold nutrients and moisture. It also enhances foliar and root nutrient uptake.

Both these products have been created by turf scientist for over 50 years and are used only by high end facilities.

Rates for these products are 

Propel  100ml per 100m2

Gyflo 100ml per 100m2

Wsf Seaweed 100ml per 100m2

These wetting agents are watered in after each application and are applied monthly between September and April 

You can expect your soil to start pulling through moisture straight away and your grass to grasses roots to double in size.

Having longer and healthier roots will enable your grass to survive for longer periods without water and also deal with wear and  tear better.





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