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Used for all turf and soil types as the best slow release fertiliser on the market.

ProTurf’s controlled release technology allows for proper growth with no surges. The fertiliser’s uncoated portion ensures for a quick response from the turf. Its innovative combination of compound fertilisers and controlled release technology make it the most Superior fertiliser on the market.  Additionally ProTurf also contains Magnesium and Calcium to not only enhance turf colour, but also to build a stronger and healthier grass.

Rate is 4kg per 100m2 and will last up to 10 weeks (Use a hand held spreader for application starting on the lowest setting until you master the rate)

Once applied in October use the remaining Fert fortnightly on the weak areas until it catches up with the rest of the lawn. My rule to thumb is one hand full per m2.

Product Information & Application Guidelines

Information Sheet: Download

Application Guidelines: Download

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