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Designed by Turf Scientist for high end quality lawn care.

Largo, Renaissance and Protesyn is literally the most used combination that I use all year. I use this monthly from November through to September.

With this combination you can expect to see a massive colour change in less then 24 hours.

Not only does it bring your lawn more colour it also keeps it healthy and strengthens it so it can handle hot days and more wear and tear from the kids.

Largo is a premium liquid foliar product that has all the macro nutrients needed to keep the grass thriving. Additional it also packs chelated iron for extra colour.

Renaissance is a micronutrient package that strengthens the grass to out compete stressed caused by hot, humid, wet and cold conditions.

Protesyn is a unique formula that bolsters protein Synthesis. It will help out with any grass that is grown in low light conditions.

I among most turf professionals use this in Roughs and lawn areas close to trees. 

Expect your grass to not only shine in colour but to to look amazing all month long without any surge in growth like granular products do.

Mixed together and applied correctly, your lawn will be the envy of your Neighbours not kidding.

Rates for each product are all 100ml per 100m2.

You need to apply this using a flat fan nozzle with a water rate of 2-5th per 100m2

If you’re unsure on the water rate make sure you do a test spray with water first to see what you need or can achieve. Walk faster or slower to get into that 2-5th per 100m2 range.



Product Information & Application Guidelines

Application Guidelines - Largo & Renaissance: Download


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