New Lawn Starter Kit

Title: New lawn starter kit
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Kick start your new lawn with products that are made by turf scientist and used by turf professionals around the world.

This pack includes a monthly wetting agent combination and a monthly foliar fertiliser application.

I use the wetting agent the day I lay turf and then get a foliar fertiliser in the day after in between waters

If you are new to this lawn world and are buying this kit make sure you also purchase one of the solo sprayers to apply it.

1. Retain pro and Sports master seaweed is your monthly wetting agent application which conditions the soil to promote and establish healthy roots and reduce water usage.

2. The Largo and Renaissance is the monthly foliar fertiliser combo used to give the grass direct nutrients and is five time more effective then any granular fertiliser.

Let me help you grow in your new lawn and have it thriving for years and years to come.

How we do this is simply by applying 2 monthly applications.

  1. A monthly wetting agent and soil organics application. This consists of Retain Pro and Sportsmaster Seaweed which is mixed and applied together at a rate of 100ml per 100m2. Both products are applied with a sprayer and watered in after application.
  2. The Largo and Renaissance  should be applied firstly every 14 days for 3 round then can go monthly there after. They are both mixed together at 100ml per 100m2 and applied with a sprayer. Once applied this combo is simply left to dry and be sucked in through the leaf.

After you get to the 6 week mark of having new turf you will have an established root system and be able to give it some Proturf if you require a bigger hit of growth.

Additional tips for new lawns are 

- Week 1-2 water 3x a day for 7-10mins. Week 3-4 water 2x a day for 12mins week 4-5 water once a day for 20mins, week 6 onwards water every 2nd day for 25-30mins.

- also make sure your mower has sharp blades and start mowing as soon as the grass grabs the soil and can not longer be pulled up. 


To make it easier all products come with written guidelines and a YouTube video to follow.

Product Information & Application Guidelines

Application Guidelines: Download


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