Sandy Soil Wetting Agent Combo

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This is a game changing Wetting agent brew essential for your grasses survival this summer.

A healthy root system is the back bone of any successful lawn.

Retain Pro and WSF Seaweed is a complete wetting agent combination designed to enhance soil conditions amongst the growing season.

The Retain Pro will reduce water usage and help retain water around the soil particle for longer periods of time.

When you ran out of moisture your roots die and thus you grass on top dies.

The WSF is a special blend of organics that ignites healthy root growth and fuels the grass with better pathways to move nutrients around.

I use these on my lawn montyhly and all of my clients lawns and could not possibly get the results I do without them.

The Sandy Soil Wetting agent combo comes with 1x 1ltr Retain Pro and 2x 1ltr WSF Seaweed

Both these products are mixed together and applied either in a sprayer or hand held applicator. 

You apply these monthly and will need to have them watered in after each application.

Rates for the first application is 300ml per 100m2 if your lawn is completely brown and bone dry. Or is 100ml per 100m2 monthly as a maintenance application.

WSF seaweed is 200ml per 100m2 

Apply these September to April


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Sandy Soil Wetting Agent ComboSandy Soil Wetting Agent Combo
Sandy Soil Wetting Agent Combo
Sale price$120.00
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