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Click on hose applicator that is very easy to use and gives you a quality result when applying soil amendments, wetting agents and insecticides.

How it works

The spray bottle holds up to 1.25L of product and when clicked onto the hose and in use it sucks up the product at a chosen rate by you from its 4 settings. 0.2 is the lowest setting ( so the slowest in which the product will be sucked through with water ) it then has a 0.5 option, 1.0 option and a 2.0 option.

Sprayer Guidelines

It is always best practise to fill the bottle with water first to trail it and get an understanding of how  quick or slow products come through the bottle at your walking speed and hose pressure. Start on setting 1 and either go up or down dependent on your needs. Remember the aim is to empty that bottle across your lawn at an even walking pace.

As a general rule I personally use it from 1.0 – 2.0. I always firstly measure out my area to determine my product rates. For example 150m2 ( average size lawn)  When mixing I put in a splash of water then my products. For my products on an area of 150m2 Sandy soil I would use 150ml retain pro and wsf seaweed 300ml. After I have put the products in I always top up the bottle with water to the 1.25ltr mark then put the lid on and give it a good shake.

I then strip then lawn free of any kids toys, dog toys or adults belongings prior to spraying. When spraying I walk in 1.5m bays (strips) across my lawn, starting at my closest point and walking away from the tap. Once I complete my spray and my bottle is blown itself empty the pressure spikes up and I go back over the lawn walking it bays with fresh water to wash the product off the leaf and into the soil. Alternatively you could run the sprinkler to do this last part. Though best practise is the water it in yourself if you not confident that your sprinkler gets very blade of grass that you just sprayed product onto.

My guide for setting changes

100m2 or bellow I fill to the top and use setting 2.0

100m2-200m2 I use setting 1.0

200m2-300m2 I use setting 0.5

I also think if you have a front yard and a back yard that you are treating it is worth  breaking up the application and using 2 bottles worth for example

Front 80m2 back 150m2

Do 1 bottle for the front working out your rates off 80m2 Retain pro 80ml wsf seaweed 160ml then fill to the top with water and use setting 2.0 to apply the products.

Mix another bottles worth for the back at rates off 150m2  so 150m2 retain and 300ml wsf seaweed and use setting 1.0.  Once applied on both water in as required by either going back over it with fresh water or putting the sprinkler on it for the desired minutes required.

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