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Used for an outstanding broadleaf weed control across all turf surfaces

Bow and Arrow is the industry leading selective herbicide that provides outstanding control of broadleaf weeds in turf. With no odour and a high level of user and environmental safety, its unique three-way action provides extended weed control in most situations. It kills a range of broad leaf weeds including cat’s ear, bindi, white clover, creeping oxalis, cud weed, plantain and cape weed. It is safe to use on Buffalo, Couch, Qld blue couch, Rye grass and Fescue.

Apply with a calibrated  back pack sprayer and Flat fan Nozzle

Rate is 50ml per 100m2

Water rates are 2-5L over 100m2 recommended nozzle to achieve this is a 025 or 04 Nozzle.

Product Information & Application Guidelines

Information Sheet: Download

Label: Download

Safety Data Sheet: Download

Application Guidelines: Download

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