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Multipest is a  professional strength product used to control  Lawn grubs, black beetle, Sod webworm, Agrentine stem weevil, Bill bug and funnel ants.

All though prevention is always best practise and the Worlds leading Lawn grub preventive is Acelepryn  MULTIPEST is needed urgently  if you currently have lawn grubs.

I use this at the higher rate of 44ml per 100m2  and it install stops all lawn grubs in there tracks then and then.


MULTIPEST Insecticide Benefits

  •  No odour
  • Controls all lawn grubs
  • 8 weeks post spray grub protection

Don't waste time spraying other products 3-4 times to get a result. Multipest knocks them dead with one application 

If your lawn has a good amount of Damage be sure to get back onto the Proturf to help speed up the recovery.

Also make sure you use PPE.


Product Information & Application Guidelines

Label: Download

Safety Data Sheet: Download

Application Guidelines: Download

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