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Lawn Environmental Regulator

Pesticides are used extensively each year in the maintenance of golf course turf, and these pesticides can spread into the air and run off with rain or sprinkles into nearby rivers, lakes, and other waters. Pesticides can also leach into groundwater or be absorbed by crops and target organisms, which can pose a significant threat to the biological environment.

Tea saponin can kill pests and control worms alone and can improve the utilization of other pesticides. Mixing tea saponin powder with chemical pesticides can greatly improve the insecticidal effect. Tea saponin insecticide is very effective in repelling and killing snails in turf, etc., where saponins play an important role in improving the effectiveness. However, mixing tea saponin with other chemical fertilizer pesticides will be more effective in preventing and killing worms and vegetable moths.

Tea saponin contains high levels of organic matter and plant nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, which not only increases the organic matter content of the soil and provides rich nutrients to the lawn, but also prevents overgrowth, regulates the pH value of the soil without hardening it, and is remarkably efficient in increasing fertilizer and conditioning the soil.

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