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5kg of the worlds best Innovative garden fertiliser technology.

Garden flora is a complete nutritional package for all your plants. It is the key to a thriving garden, effortlessly.

Unlike other products that require frequent application, garden flora is designed to last a remarkable 9 months which in complete is a whole growing season for plants.

What’s sets garden flora apart is simple - it starts working immediately, ensuring your plants receive the care they need right from day 1. 

Garden Flora is suitable for everything  from potted plants to towering trees. 

Why choose garden flora ? Because of its innovative slow release technology, you only need to apply it once a year. 

Say goodbye  to frequent maintenance and hello to low- hassle and low- maintenance.

No flashy claims, no overhyped transformations - just a straight forward solution for nourishing your garden.

Elevate your gardening experience with garden flora and enjoy the beauty of nature, effortlessly nurtured.

Application rates are as follows 

Pots 10-30g each 

low shrubs and ground covers 30 - 50g 

Small plants under waist height 50g 

Plants above eye level 100g 

Safe to use on all natives 



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