Greenway Rye Grass (Lolium perenne)

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Seeding your lawn with Rye Grass is a great way to ensure you have lush green grass all Winter long.

If you have had lawn grub damage and couldn't repair you lawn before it went dormant, Your lawn has been trashed by the kids playing in the wet or your builders have destroyed the lawn whilst renovating Rye Grass will fix all that.

Rye Grass is used through winter on sports fields, race tracks and golf courses as it has the ability to grow in the colder conditions and repair any damage caused.

The rate to oversaw your lawn is 4kg per 100m2.

To spread the Rye Grass seed all you need is a hand held spreader.

To prepare an area for Rye Grass all you need to do is scalp your lawn down to open up the canopy and apply.

To increase seed germination you can also top dress after scalping and apply the rye grass over the top.

The key to germinating Rye grass is to keep in wet with frequent watering in the early 1-2 weeks. My recommendation is 2x 5-7 Min waters a day.

This package comes in a 4kg Jug and covers 100m2.


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