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Used in clay soils to improve soil structure and over come compaction.

GYP-FLO is a liquid suspension of technical grade Calcium and Sulphur applied to improve your soil structure by reducing sodium build-up and increasing Calcium levels in the soil. GYP-FLO is much easier to handle and apply via boom spray, drip systems, overhead irrigation and aerial applications, compared to the spreading of bulk gypsum. in addition GYP-FLO is also a great source of Calcium and Sulphur for plant nutrition. 12 11.5% 10 GYP-FLO has a particle size of only 5 micron and is more than 80% available resulting in much quicker results 8.9% GYP-FLO in overcoming soil compaction, unlike bulk gypsum that has a particle size of 1000 micron (81 mm) average with a solubility rate of only 0.24%. After 4 years of field trials, studies confirmed that the finer particles remain more active in the soil than the courser particles of “bulk gypsum”.

Apply with a calibrated back pack sprayer and flat fan nozzle then lightly water it off the leaf and into the soil

Rate is 100ml per 100m2 every 4 weeks from September – April

Water rate is 6-8l per 100m2 Recommended nozzles to achieve this is a 08 Nozzle.

Product Information & Application Guidelines

Information Sheet: Download

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