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Active Constituent - 0.1g / kg Fipronil

INVADER MAX Ant and Cockroach Granular Bait contains a unique range of feeding attractants designed to enhance feeding in all colony development stages making it the most advanced ant and cockroach bait in Australia. While other baits target specific species, INVADER MAX is effective against a wide range of species including black and brown ants.

When used for cockroaches INVADER MAX produces results equal to those of Gel Baits. Exceptional levels of control are delivered since INVADER MAX meets cockroaches’ preference for a solid cereal-based diet, which means they eat more of the granular bait.

Formulated with feeding enhancers including; oils, sugars and proteins, INVADER MAX is both highly palatable and highly active.

INVADER MAX is ideal for use around buildings, trees, lawns, gardens or along driveways and paths. INVADER MAX is especially effective around ant mounds and can even be used in cracks and crevices indoors in areas such as kitchens where cockroaches or ants are present.


  • Brown Ants
  • Black Ants
  • Gret Ants
  • Cockroaches

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