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Used as a premium foliar fertiliser on all turf and soil types


Has been made specifically by turf scientist to be used on grass that is cut 12mm or higher.

There is no faster and more effective way to get nutrition into the plant then foliage fertilising. Couple that with an industry leading product and you will get huge results.

Largo combines essential major and micronutrients with a patented blend of naturally occurring plant extracts.



As a supplement to normal fertilization, Largo contains beneficial amounts of major and secondary nutrients. The addition of Carbon N with Carbon Power technology supplies additional nitrogen, creating a very efficient and economical application.

Largo and Renaissance is responsible for majority of my grasses success. I personally use largo along with Renassiance monthly from November to September ( so for 11 months ) 

You will see a noticeable change in colour within 24 hours with Largo.

Rates are 100ml per 100m2.

Directions are simple - Apply it to a dry leaf using a sprayer that has  a flat fan. Don not water in and stay off the lawn for 2 hours post spray so it can be left alone to absorb the nutrients.

Water rates are to be between 2-5Ltr per 100m2.

Please do a test spray using water first to make sure you can achieve that water rate per 100m2. Then simply add in the mixture and get it on.


Product Information & Application Guidelines

Information Sheet: Download

Safety Data Sheet: Download

Application Guidelines: Download

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