Pro force Duke 100WG

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ProForce Duke 10WG Herbicide contains 100g/kg of the active ingredient Iodosulfuron-methyl sodium and is registered for the control of the following weeds;


Broadleaf Weeds: Bindii, Black Thistle, Catsear, Cotula, Cudweed, Guildford (Onion) Grass, Medic, Mouse Ear Chickweed, Oxalis, White Clover, Onion Weed and False Onion Weeds.


Grass Weeds: Ryegrass, Wintergrass (Suppression), Bahia, grass (Suppression and seedhead reduction).


ProForce Duke 100WG is available in a Wettable Granular formulation.


ProForce Duke 100WG is formulated in Australia, from imported materials.

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