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ProForce Duke 10WG Herbicide is used to kill more of the harder weeds that bow and arrow cant.

Duke is a generic of Destiny which is one of the industries great herbicides ( its just super expensive top buy Destiny) So we go to the duke instead

It can be safely applied to Buffalo and Couch lawns ( not Qld Blue couch Though )

Be sure to know the price is reflected by the quality and amount of weeds it controls

I use this along with bow and arrow and I doe this manly to get a quick result from the Bow and arrow and then know that destiny will clean up the rest over the coming 2-3 weeks.

Yes if you have applied it correctly it will work its just a slow acting chemical that takes 2-3 weeks to show impact.

You can apply this over and over again on seperate days.

Rates are varied but I use 1.5g per 100m2.

It needs to be applied through a sprayer with a flat fan nozzle at a water rate of 2-5th per 100m2.

If you are unsure of the water rate please do a test spray using water first and see if you can achieve that 2-5th. Walk faster or slower if you can’t.

Registered for the control of the following weeds;

Broadleaf Weeds: Bindii, Black Thistle, Catsear, Cotula, Cudweed, Guildford (Onion) Grass, Medic, Mouse Ear Chickweed, Oxalis, White Clover, Onion Weed and False Onion Weeds, pennywort.

 Grass Weeds: Ryegrass, Wintergrass (Suppression), Bahia, grass (Suppression and seedhead reduction).



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